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9/26/2014  |   4:30 PM - 6:00 PM   |  

Novel Methodologies for Treating CMV-related Hearing Loss

The established literature on CMV-related hearing loss and trends in earlier universal screening for CMV create a compelling scenario for clinicians to better understand and manage this potentially treatable form of pediatric hearing loss. The growing experience with antiviral therapy for CMV-related hearing only further emphasizes the need to aggressively and optimally treat young children with CMV-related hearing loss. Building upon trends and clinical experience with direct drug delivery to the ear (via an intratympanic route) and capitalizing upon novel nanotechnology-based drug delivery vehicles, our research has focused on developing thermosensitive hydrogel based antiviral drug delivery to the inner ear. Utilizing a guinea pig model of CMV infection and hearing loss, we have first determined the otologic safety and pharmacokinetics of intratympanic ganciclovir and cidofovir administration by morphologic examination, auditory brainstem response testing of hearing and HPLC-based measurement of cochlear drug levels following intratympanic antiviral delivery. Further studies using this system have allowed exploration of the application of biocompatible tri-block copolymers that allow for more controlled and sustained drug delivery to the cochlea. By exploiting their phase transition from liquid to gel at physiologic temperatures, and by exploiting the ability to engineer the rate of decomposition (and in turn, the rates of drug elution), we propose to develop a novel delivery method of antivirals to the inner ear that may mitigate (or eliminate) toxicities associated with systemic antiviral treatment while effectively treating CMV-related hearing loss.

daniel choo (Point of Contact,Primary Presenter,Author), daniel.choo@cchmc.org;
Dr. Choo is an Otolaryngologist with subspecialty training in Otology and Neurotology with a clinical focus on children with ear and hearing disorders. His research interests include laboratory-based animal studies of CMV infection and developing safer and more effective methods for preventing and/or rescuing hearing due to CMV infection. After completing medical school and residency in Syracuse, NY, Dr. Choo pursued Otology/Neurotology training Florida before research fellowship training at the NIDCD/NIH. He remained on staff at NIH for 3 years before settling in at Cincinnati Childrens.


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Jonette Ward (Author), jaye.ward@cchmc.org;
Jaye Ward has an extensive research experience working in the Cincinnati Children's research foundation for more than 16 years. Her recent focus over the past 7 years has been on studies of a guinea pig model of CMV infection and the impact of CMV infection hearing.

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