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9/26/2014  |   4:30 PM - 6:00 PM   |  

The Prevalence of CMV infection among sexually active adolescents: a matched case control study.

Background: We observed previously in Richmond VA that African-American adolescents reporting infrequent sexual activity had CMV seroprevalence rates one half of their adult mothers and caregivers. We therefore sought to determine if sexually active African-American adolescents have higher rates of CMV infections than sexually inactive African-American adolescents. Methods: Cases (13 to 18 years of age) sought care for a sexually transmitted infection (STI) or pregnancy. Controls were sexually inactive and matched to cases for age, race, and gender and enrolled at the same clinic as cases while seeking medical treatment unrelated to an STI. Subjects completed a questionnaire, provided saliva for antibody testing and were interviewed for determination of sexual activity. Results: Two groups of sexually active cases were enrolled. The first group had a diagnosis of an STI. For this group, both cases and matched controls were seropositive at a rate of 32% (7/22 for cases and 7/22 for controls). For the second group, cases self-reported an STI but objective evidence was lacking. For this group cases were seropositive at a rate of 38% (6 of16 compared to matched controls where 6.3% were seropositive (1 in 16). The overall rate of seropositivity of all 38 cases was 34% compared to a rate of 21% for all controls (p = 0.3, OR= 2.0, 95%CI, 0.6-7.5). Conclusion: Our results confirm the lower rates of CMV infections among the current generation of African-American adolescents compared to African- American adults in Richmond, VA and suggest this is not associated with sexual activity. 2

Stuart Adler (Primary Presenter), sadler@vcu.edu;


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