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10/10/2023  |   4:00 PM - 5:00 PM   |  Courtroom

Writing Remedies for Sorrow and what I talk about when I talk about CMV

Abstract Summary

For six years, I endured rejections and dismissal from the publishing world similar to what I experienced in my personal life as a mother to a child with CMV. When I gave presentations, I began to see themes emerging that seemed to be hindering CMV’s acknowledgment in the public and in medicine: a historical misunderstanding of its prevalence and preventability; a lack of trust in women’s capacity; and an absence of robust narratives in medicine. Over time, though, I began to see that CMV’s qualities could actually intrigue people rather than deter them from paying the disease its due attention. And in the end, these were the very traits that would help me to be taken more seriously as a writer and a parent. This session will motivate anyone trying to publicize CMV and provide you with new approaches to telling your story.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain the challenges families affected by cCMV face in getting the attention of providers.
  • Cite the paucity of informationgiven to medical providers around CMV.
  • Describe ways that those affected by cCMV can channel their energy to educate others about CMV


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Megan Nix | Primary Presenter

Megan is the author of the book Remedies for Sorrow, an investigative memoir published by Doubleday about her second daughter who was born with congenital CMV. Megan was a National CMV Foundation Community Alliance Chair, and her work has appeared in The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Washington Post, Romper, and elsewhere. Megan is a mother to five young children, and she divides her time between Colorado and a remote island in Alaska where her husband fishes for a living.


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