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10/09/2023  |   1:15 PM - 2:15 PM   |  Courtroom

CMV Education, Screening, and Diagnosis in Pregnancy: Gaining the Attention of Pregnancy Providers

Abstract Summary

Women will often be provided information about risk factors for toxoplasmosis or listeriosis while pregnant but are less likely to be educated about their CMV risk in pregnancy. What is the role of pregnancy providers in educating women about CMV risk in pregnancy? Should CMV education include more than a general hygiene discussion in prenatal education? Does it need a more focused approach? What are the pros and cons of CMV screening in pregnancy? What about treatment with antivirals during pregnancy? This presentation will discuss these issues and the management of CMV infections within current OB/GYN practice and how to engage with pregnancy providers to raise their awareness about CMV in pregnancy.

Learning Objectives

  • List at least two reasons why pregnancy providers have been reluctant to eduate pregnant people about CMV.
  • Identify the role pregnancy providers have in providing prevention education to their patients about CMV risk during pregnancy.
  • Describe the challenges in testing pregnant people for CMV.


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Natali Aziz | Primary Presenter

Natali Aziz, MD, MS


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