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10/10/2023  |   1:30 PM - 2:30 PM   |  Courtroom

Finding Your Village: A Family's Guide to Building Your Support Network

Abstract Summary

While congenital CMV is arguably one of the most common infectious causes of birth defects, the general public’s lack of awareness and the lack of conversation on a national level can lead families with affected children to feel isolated, unseen and unsupported. When 1 in 5 infants born with cCMV will have a permanent birth defect or long- term health condition, families of these children need support and they need to know how to get it. This presentation will share one family’s journey navigating the odyssey of post diagnosis care for their child and their journey raising awareness of CMV as they found their voice and the courage to speak out. Supports available to families, resources for children and ideas for ways to bring education and advocacy to local communities will also be discussed.

Learning Objectives

  • Participant will list how CMV can be transmitted and how to prevent the transmission before and during pregnancy.
  • Participant will list 3 potential outcomes for children born with congenital CMV
  • Participant will list 3 National organizations and/ or regional resources that can provide support to families of children born with cCMV






Lisa Eickel | Primary Presenter

Lisa graduated with her Masters in Speech Language Pathology from James Madison University in 2010. She worked as a pediatric Speech- Language Pathologist for 9 years across a variety of settings, including Early Intervention, charter and public schools. Lisa became passionate about educating others on CMV when her son was born affected by the virus in 2017. Currently, Lisa serves as Co-Chair of the Virginia EHDI Advisory Committee, the Community Alliance Chair with the National CMV Foundation for Virginia as well as a Family Navigator with the Center for Family Involvement within the 1-3-6 Family Educator program, supporting Virginia families of children with cCMV and hearing loss. Lisa and her family live in Loudoun County, Virginia.


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