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Legislative Action Planning: Raising Awareness of CMV Through Legislation

Over the past five years, sixteen states have proposed or passed legislation requiring CMV education, CMV testing, or both. This session is for those who want to increase that number and ensure that the laws in place are implemented. Presenters will provide insights on the pre-requisite relationship building and group thinking required for successful legislation. They will also assist participants to identify key stakeholders, including friendly and effective legislators in their states. Participants will be given the opportunity to ask questions and brainstorm solutions to problems that state initiatives face. Participants will work through an action planning template to determine their state's level of readiness for legislative action and steps to take to become ready or begin the legislative process. Effective legislation requires multiple stakeholders to working together in advance of and far beyond passing a law or changing a policy. The presentation will include discussions relevant for participants at all stages of legislation: building key relationships with stakeholders to develop an action team, the importance of compromise and alternatives to legislation such as study groups, and accountability for action required by legislation or policy changes and the ongoing work needed after legislation is passed. This hands-on action planning session is important for anyone (parents, public health workers, policy makers, clinicians, researchers ) wishing to increase CMV awareness, education, and action through legislative campaigns but also applies to those who are pursuing policy changes outside of legislation. Participants are encouraged to attend with others from their state if possible for the most effective planning.