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9/27/2014  |   9:30 AM - 10:00 AM   |  Topical Session 4   |  Idaho

Global response to congenital CMV awareness through a pediatric hospital blog website

Global response to congenital CMV awareness through a hospital blog Holly McBride, Michael Reina, Marily Flores, Cara Lyons, Gail Demmler-Harrison Texas Children's Hospital Background: Texas Children's Hospital(TCH) launched a blog website "CMV : Every pregnant woman should know about this virus" on January 10, 2011. The blog has received steady viewing and posting activity to date. Global CMV awareness may be faciliated through a hospital based blog. Methods: Blog website usage data for the first year of blog life were obtained from the TCH blog website using Google Analytics. Analysis of blog page views, average time on page, sources of page entry, operating system usage, searched keywords, and demographics of page viewer by country and global region were analyzed from Jan 10,2011 through June 21, 2012. Results: 8430 page views recorded with average time of 2:48 minutes. Most page views were from the Americas (78%), followed by Europe (9%), Asia (8%), Oceania (4%), Africa (1%). 94 of 194 world countries viewed the blog. Main sources were trough Google (59%), direct URL (14%), Facebook (10%), and texaschildrens.org website(4%). Windows (60%) and iPhone(13%) operating systems were most common. Most common keywords searched were "CMV pregnancy" and "CMV and pregnancy". Conclusions: The CMV hospital blog reached amost 50% of the world's countries during its first year of views. Use of mobile devices and applications were apparent, which could be an important route for future health awareness and global accessibility. Blog traffic may be increased through social media links and mobile applications and key word analysis.

Gail Demmler-Harrison (Point of Contact,Primary Presenter,Author), gdemmler@bcm.edu;
Professor of Pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine with over 30 years experience in the research and clinical management of infants with congenital CMV infection; PI of the HOuston Longitudinal Congenital CMV Followup Study; co author or author of numerous publicaitons, chapters and presenter at national and international meetings


Financial - No relevant financial relationship exist.

Nonfinancial - No relevant nonfinancial relationship exist.

Cara Lyons (Author), cclyons@texaschildrens.org;
Web marketing specialist with expertise in social media for promotion of health care communications at a major children's hospital; Ms. Lyons assists Dr Demmler-Harrison in maintenance of the popular CMV BLOG for Texas Children's Hosiptal

Holly McBride (Author), hollycorwin@gmail.com;
Holly is currently a PA student at Drexel University. She has an MPH and experience in focus groups and CMV research.

Michael Reina (Author), mareina@texaschildrens.org;
web marketing specialist and social media specialist in health care

Marily Flores (Author), marilyf@bcm.edu;
Masters in Medical Science and 4 years experience in CMV Research



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