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9/24/2018  |   12:15 PM - 1:45 PM   |  Emerald Ballroom I/II

Lunch and Learn: CMV Global Network (presentation starts at 12:45, cash and carry lunches are available)

Please join the CMV Global Network to 1) learn more details about our Network goals and activities, 2) provide ideas or feedback from your perspective as a cCMV stakeholder, and 3) hear ways you can participate in our exciting work. We encourage a diverse group of stakeholders (e.g., parents/caregivers, researchers, clinicians, other providers) to attend as we are all critical to the success of the Network. The CMV Global Network is a congenital CMV (cCMV) partnership and infrastructure development project currently supported by the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute. Since cCMV affects children worldwide, the mission of the Network is to serve as a platform that joins international cCMV stakeholders into a collaborative partnership, and a resource that enhances the work of stakeholders by providing core services that support partnership goals. The Network Development Team currently includes 51 parents/caregivers, researchers, and other stakeholders representing 7 countries. With this geographic distance, the team sets and prioritizes goals and completes tasks remotely through independent work groups, after which drafts and ideas are discussed among the larger team during monthly conference calls. Our current work focuses on creating a website and writing a governance document to support sustainability. We will next will focus on developing components of the network in more detail, including the clinical, research, and advocacy divisions.


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Laura Gibson (POC-Point of Contact,Primary Presenter), laura.gibson@umassmed.edu;
The current Med/Peds division chief, Laura returned to UMass Memorial Medical Center for a fellowship in Infectious Diseases after completing her Med/Peds residency at Baystate Medical Center. She is a graduate of Yale University and the University of Massachusetts Medical School. She remained at UMass after finishing her fellowship in 2001 to pursue research on cellular immune responses to human cytomegalovirus and other herpesviruses. She also serves on the general and transplant Infectious Diseases services in both the Departments of Medicine and Pediatrics.


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