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9/24/2018  |   1:45 PM - 2:15 PM   |  Emerald Ballroom I/II

Pushing for Progress

Non-profit organizations are vital in building social capital with pertinent stakeholders, facilitating civic participation, and fundraising to drive tangible impact. In 2015, recognizing the momentum toward CMV activism as both necessary and possible through public health policy, three regional, U.S.-based non-profits agreed to dissolve and join forces with the National CMV Foundation. Since, National CMV has become the largest CMV advocacy organization in the United States and our mission is to educate women of childbearing age about congenital CMV. Co-founder and President of the National CMV Foundation will share the organization’s vision, mission, strategic plan, and current programs. In order to exceed our objectives by 2020, we must rely on a highly motivated network of parents and professionals invested in increasing awareness, providing prevention education, influencing research priorities, and advocating for a vaccine to eliminate congenital CMV for the next generation. This presentation will detail the opportunities for engagement as well as allow for professionals and parents to identify areas of involvement to which they may contribute. There will be ample time for questions and answers from participants.

  • Describe the role of National CMV in public health advocacy.
  • Update the community, including parents, advocates, clinicians, researchers, and industry, on National CMV’s progress to date and strategic plan through 2020.
  • Identify opportunities and create action plans for contributing to CMV awareness and advocacy within professional and public communities.


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Kristen Hutchinson Spytek (Primary Presenter), kristen.spytek@nationalcmv.org;
Kristen Hutchinson Spytek serves as the President and Co-founder of National CMV Foundation. She was most recently the Vice President of Account Management for Rosetta, now SapientRazorfish, a multi-service offering, customer-centric, consulting agency. A graduate of the University of Michigan, with an M.A. in Global Marketing Communications & Advertising from Emerson College, Kristen has 13 years in marketing and digital media experience working with several leading global and national brands. She co-founded the National CMV Foundation with her husband John, inspired by their daughter Evelyn Grace, born with congenital CMV. Kristen lives in Tampa, Florida with her husband and two sons.


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