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8/23/2022  |   1:35 PM - 2:00 PM   |  Governor General II

Partnering with Patients to Evaluate a Co-developed Parent-Provider Communication Tool to initiate a

Background In 2019, Ontario included cCMV screening into established universal newborn screening. The Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada (SOGC) partnered with CMV Canada to explore strategies to discuss cCMV during pregnancy care. We virtually surveyed parents to explore parental cCMV awareness and validate a co-developed infographic. Methods We co-developed an online survey with a patient partner to understand parental cCMV awareness and evaluate our infographic on CMV and preventative steps. The survey was distributed through Facebook groups in Alberta. Results A total of 378 parents completed the survey. Most parents received prenatal care from a family doctor (69%). Parents wanted to learn about CMV through visits with their providers, as 53% were not CMV aware. Parents found the infographic attractive, easy to read, and >90% reported understanding how to prevent CMV infection in pregnancy. Parents wanted the focus of the infographic to continue to focus on prevention of CMV. Conclusion We investigated parents’ awareness of CMV and found that our infographic works as a communication tool. This will inform how to improve parent-providers CMV awareness and communication on prevention.

  • Understand parental cCMV awareness prior to Implementing Enhanced Newborn Hearing Screening to Include Universal cCMV Screening
  • Validate a co-developed cCMV infographic by end-users (parents/future parents)
  • Identify opportunities to improve parent-provider cCMV conversations

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Eliana Castillo (Co-Presenter), castillo@ucalgary.ca;
Dr. Eliana Castillo is Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Calgary, where her medical and teaching practice focuses on medical disorders in pregnancy and maternal infections. She has been active in the area of immunization during pregnancy, congenital CMV infection and maternal mortality at a local and national level through her work with the Society of Obstetrics and Gyneacologists of Canada, Alberta Perinatal Health Program and National Advisory Committee for Immunization.


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