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8/23/2022  |   2:50 PM - 3:15 PM   |  Governor General II

Is Meniere’s disease among teenagers commonly caused by congenital CMV infection?

Introduction: Congenital CMV-infection may give rise to a variety of symptoms and permanent disabilities in the new-borns or later in the children´s life. For example hearing loss may occur both directly after birth, but late onset of hearing loss is also well described. Vestibular dysfunction present among the new-borns with congenital CMV infection is described - but what about late onset of a vestibular disease? Meniere´s disease is simplified: Vestibular attacks, fluctuating hearing loss and severe tinnitus. The cause of Meniere´s disease is mainly unknown. Meniere´s disease is common among patients 40-60 years of age but quite uncommon among teenagers and young adults. Methods: All young patients with Meniere´s disease found by talking to colleagues and searching in a local Meniere´s database at the clinic where tested for cCMV-infection retrospectively. In a few cases the young patients with Meniere´s disease were found to have an already known cCMV-infection diagnosis. Results: 10 young patients with Meniere´s disease had cCMV infection. Only one teenager with Meniere´s disease has shown to be negative for cCMV-infection so far. The 10 cCMV-infected cases will be described thoroughly. Discussion: cCMV-infection as a cause o

  • Meniere´s disease can be caused by cCMV-infection
  • Late onset of vestibular symptoms is possible.
  • Fluctuating hearing loss among patients with CMV-infection may be Meniere´s disease

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Eva Karltorp (POC-Point of Contact,Primary Presenter), eva.karltorp@sll.se;
Eva Karltorp is MD and PhD and specialist in otorhinolaryngoly and audiology. Since 2000 she is part of the Cochlear implant team at the ENT clinic at Karolinska university hospital. The cochlear implant team has both an adult and a pediatric program. Eva´s main research interests are cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection as a cause of hearing and vestibular deficit, early cochlear implantation and bilateral implantation.


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