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8/22/2022  |   2:15 PM - 2:40 PM   |  Governor General II

A murine CMV model of reinfection and strain-specific immunity

Background. Immunity against CMV is incomplete in humans, and reinfection with different viral strains during pregnancy and non-primary cCMV infection are common. Models of CMV reinfection are needed to inform the development of an effective vaccine. Methods. Using 1 of 3 MCMV strains (Smith, K181, or HaNa1), mice were initially infected intraperitoneally with 102 PFU. At 8 weeks post-infection, mice were challenged with 102 or 106 PFU of a luciferase-recombinant K181 and underwent daily live bioimaging to quantify the severity of reinfection. Results. The level of viral replication during reinfection differed by the strain of primary infection and the dose. Mice infected initially with the same strain (K181) or a closely related one (Smith) controlled reinfection readily, even with a large inoculum, while primary infection with the more genetically distant HaNa1 resulted in poor control of reinfection. Discussion. MCMV appears to be a useful model to study reinfection and strain-specific immunity. Future work aims to elucidate the immune responses and MCMV epitopes responsible for cross-strain protection, or the lack thereof, and to test vaccines to induce broadly protective immunity.

  • Discuss implications of CMV reinfection with different strains for congenital infection and vaccine development
  • Describe a murine model of CMV reinfection using different MCMV strains
  • Explore the feasibility of this model to study the basis of CMV strain-specific immunity and inform protective

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Citlali Marquez (POC-Point of Contact,Primary Presenter), citlali.marquez@bccdc.ca;
Citlali Márquez obtained her PhD in Microbiology and Immunology from The University of British Columbia and completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship at the BC Children's Research Institute, working with a murine model of CMV. She is currently a project research leader at the BC Centre for Disease Control.


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